We at Newberry Pathology Associates provide services such as forensic autopsies (see What Is An Autopsy), professional consultations, expert testimony, and clinical pathology.


  • For county or state: $1150.00
  • For private cases: $3,550.00
  • Case Review: $1000.00, plus $150.00 per half-hour if more than two hours to review.  (Includes review of autopsy and scene photos, autopsy reports, medical records, police reports, coroner's report, statements, deposition, and attorney summary.)
  • Conferences (Telephone or In-Person): $175.00 per half hour
  • Review of Microscopic Slides: $125.00 per half hour
  • Research Literature: $125.00 per half hour
Trials and Depositions:
  • Review Trial Transcript: $125.00 per half hour
  • Case Preparation: $175.00 per half hour
  • Deposition: $1,500.00, plus travel expenses
  • Trial: $1,500.00 per half day, plus expenses
  • Travel Time: $50.00 per half hour
  • Court Cost: $2,000.00  (If court time will be needed, a retainer fee is requested.)

We also can provide clients with case documentation, such as photos, photocopies, etc.  The prices of such items can be found below:

  • Xerox of Complete Autopsy File: $30.00 (standard)
  • Autopsy Photos      (4x6): $5.00 each
                                    (8x10): $10.00 each
  • Duplicate Copies of X-Rays: $34.00 each
  • Duplicate Microscopic Slides: $10.00 each
  • CD Containing Digital Photos (1-15 files): $10.00
                                               (15+ files): $15.00
  • Shipping and Handling: $5.00 (minimum)

If you have questions regarding any of the prices or services listed above, don't hesitate to contact us!