Newberry Pathology Associates performs forensic autopsies as referred by County Coroners to investigate deaths by violence, criminal means, other suspicious deaths, or any death where the cause cannot be immediately determined. We analyze pathological samples, perform autopsies to determine the cause and manner of death, and provide expert witness testimonies. We also perform private autopsies at the request of legal next of kin(?). All autopsies are performed at Newberry County Memorial Hospital.

Newberry Pathology Associates does not provide information about funeral services or prices. Please address inquiries directly to local mortuaries.

Other frequently asked questions should be referred to the proper agencies as follows:
  • Vital Statistics - requests to purchase Death Certificates.
  • Public Administrator - custody of deceased persons' real property.
  • Local Law Enforcement - custody of weapons involved in  deaths.
  • Clerk's Office - questions relating to filing of probate papers.